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Trust your data with 22 years of quality clean room data recovery service

Flat rate $495* clean room data recovery for dead hard drive,
no matter the drive physical size, the interface, the OS of your drive,
No Data, No Fee**

Why should you trust 1stDataRecovery with your important, valuable data?

  • Recover "Unrecoverable Data", as claimed by so called data recovery firms;
I received the new hard drive today with all of my data which I thought was lost forever (Six months of accounting data)!  I can't thank you enough and am so glad I contacted you.  I had tried two other data retrieval companies.  The first was unable to get my data and the second wanted to charge me $2200 to do it, but couldn't guarantee success.  I almost gave up and destroyed the hard drive.  I only wish I had gone to you first! 
I highly recommend your company for fast, effective service at reasonable prices.  In my experience you are far and away the best!
Denise McCullough, CGA
McCullough Blazina Dieno
Trial Lawyers


  • Many satisfied data recovery clients.
  • Being one of the pioneer data recovery business, 1stDataRecovery has accumulated a foundation of knowledge and expertise in the data recovery fields. Coupled with fast effective service at straight forward prices and own in-house clean room, 1stDataRecovery have the capabilities to solve a wide range of potential data recovery needs:

    Recover data files from dead, deleted, formatted, fdisked, corrupted, virus infected, overwritten, passworded, water & fire damaged, downed or inaccessible computer & electronics storage devices: hard disk drives, removable media, optical devices,  and tapes.

    Work on PC ( Windows 7, Vista, 2000/2003/2008, NT, ME, 98/95, DOS, OS/2, Netware...), Apple Mac OS X, Unix ( Linux, IBM AIX JFS, Sun Solaris UFS & Veritas VxFS, SGI IRIX EFS & XFS, SCO OpenServer & Xenix & UnixWare, QNX, BSDI, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Lynx OS, HP-UX HFS Veritas VxFS, Digital VMS & OpenVMS ODS... ) ...

    • Hard Drives: IDE and EIDE (1.8", 2.5", and 3.5"), SSD, SCSI, RLL, MFM, ESDI, PCMCIA Type, MicroDrives, Serial ATA (SATA), iSCSI, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)...
    • Tapes: 4mm (DDS, DDS-2, DDS-3, DDS-4), 8mm (112m & 160m), DLT, AIT, AIT2, ADR, LTO, Travan, QIC...
    • Network Server, Raid/Array Volumes, NAS, SAN.
    • Removable Media: Optical, Diskettes, CD ROM, CD R/W and DVD R/W disks, SuperDisk, ZIP disks, Bernoulli cartridges, JAZZ, SPARQ and SYJET cartridges, Digital Camera Memory Cards/Sticks, Magneto-optical disk...
    • Corrupted files, overwritten files, lost password, deleted files or folders ...
    • Digital image files: JPEG, TIFF, PCX, DWG ...
    • Audio files: wav, aif ...
    • Hard drive password removal, IBM, dell, WD...
    • Overwritten tapes, success rate 95%

Never try to open the hard drive, or try to use any data recovery software utilities to do it yourself.
It simply makes the data recovery more difficult, even unrecoverable.

It is very important to pack your devices properly!

* Up to 250GB data.                                        
**Certain exclusions and conditions may apply, 50% deposit is required and full balance upon completion.


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